How To Make My Kitchen Lighting Better?

17 Jul    Blog

Why Is Lighting Important In The Kitchen?

It is essential to have adequate lighting in your kitchen for cooking, entertaining, and other activities. You can use different types of lighting in the kitchen that allows you to create a variety of light patterns to suit your needs. To have flexible lighting, you can include more than one fixture. This article will help you understand different light fixtures by MFKTO, which you can mix and match to suit your lighting needs.

Different Types Of Kitchen Lighting

Use Of Recessed And Ambient Lights

Ambient lighting can be described as full lighting that makes a space more appealing and inviting. It is also the lighting that navigates you around the kitchen. Hidden lighting solutions for the kitchen are becoming more common than ever. You can provide sufficient ambient lighting by placing recessed lights spread out around the perimeter of your kitchen.

Lighting For Specific Tasks

It is possible to use task lighting in rooms that already have ambient light. It helps you spot small objects and objects with small contrast. Task lighting provides more light for tasks that require precision and reduces eyestrain. Here are some examples of standard task lighting fixtures.

There are two types of task lightings:

  • Under-cabinet and pendants.
  • Lamps that can be carried around or used at a desk
  • A fixture that is recessed

Lighting The Preparation Areas

Task lighting is extremely useful in the kitchen, particularly on counters and islands where food is prepared. Depending on your preference, you can use various fixtures such as small track lights or pendant lights to add lighting above an island. You can increase the lighting of countertops with LED puck lights that are battery-operated and do not require an electrical connection. Task lighting is important in a kitchen’s design.

Undercabinet Lighting
This kind of lighting is a useful and attractive addition to the kitchen. There are three types of under cabinet lighting: strip lights or rope lights, linear lights, and puck lights. You can use puck lights for task lighting, but strip lights provide continuous light along the full length of the cabinets. You can find out more here about a variety of sizes and configurations of fixtures to fit many cabinets. It is important to check the reflective qualities of your countertop before you purchase undercabinet lighting. It will help you avoid any glare that can happen from the light shining down onto the surface.

Having the right lighting in the kitchen can help you complete your daily tasks. However, you will have first to identify your needs and decide the lighting type accordingly.

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