Safety Tips For Various Snow Removal Tasks

22 Aug    Blog

During winters, people are involved in snow removal tasks. It is a physically demanding activity, and there are various health risks associated with it. People may opt for snow shovelling, snow bowling or snow ploughing. Each of the tasks must be done with proper safety precautions to avoid accidents. Snow removal in Guelph is challenging. Thus people of Guelph hire professionals for snow removal services. Look for review to choose the right professional snow removal services.

General Safety Tips

  • Consult with your doctor before you get involved in snow removal tasks. You must be healthy enough to carry out snow removal as it is a strenuous physical activity. People with pre-existing health conditions must avoid taking up this task.
  • Wear the right dress when performing snow removal. Wear a well-insulated and layered clothing for the snow removal task. Wear gloves and a hat that protects your hands and heads from the effects of extreme cold temperature. Wearing slip-resistant boots with insulated socks is a must.

Snow Shoveling-Safety Tips

Proper safety tips must be followed to perform snow shovelling. This would help to avoid potential risk during the snow removal task.

The following tips ensure safe snow shovelling.

  • Exercise light for at least ten minutes to warm up your muscles. This prevents muscle strains and sprains injuries.
  • Make use of the right equipment for shovelling. Adjust the height of your shovel such that it is comfortable to use it.
  • Avoid lifting the snow using the shovel instead push the snow. Lifting the snow causes strain to your body.
  • Lift the snow by squatting and placing the knees bent . Scoop small amounts of snow in every single attempt.

Snow Blowing -Safety Tips

Be careful when using snow blowers. Improper use of snow blowers may result in amputations of fingers and lacerations. Follow the snowblower safety tips to avoid common snow removal injury.

  • Perform preventative cleaning of the snow area. Keep it free from wires, doormats, sledges or any objects that may damage your snowblower.
  • Do not make use of your hands or feet to clear the clogged or jammed snowblowers.
  • Snowblowers operate at the high sound. Wear earplugs when using snowblowers to avoid damage to your ears.
  • Understand the working of the snowblowers to avoid operational hazards.
  • Keep snowblowers away from children.

Snow Plow-Safety Tips.

Snow Plowing is a challenging task. Operators must follow certain safety tips to ensure their safety.

  • Inspect the snow plougher vehicle well ahead before the snow removal task. Check the functioning of the defroster and windshield wipers of the snow plougher.
  • Do not operate the plough when transporting the plough between job sites.
  • Snow Plow operators must follow local traffic regulations.
  • Check for overheating issues when you transport your snowplough.
  • Be aware of the surfaces before you start ploughing.
  • Take frequent breaks when operating your plough. This helps to avoid fatigue.
  • Drivers of other passenger vehicles must slow down their vehicle when they see a plough truck on the road.

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