Taking care of Ornamental grasses: A few essential practices

9 May    Blog

Ornamental grass is the ideal adornment for any landscape. They add texture, height, and inimitable aesthetics to a garden. Their graceful movements and striking colors add to the aesthetics, but some are ideal alternatives to high walls that aid as the best privacy screens and cutbacks weeding significantly. Although most of the ornamental grasses are perennial and pest-free, they also demand occasional trimming to ensure good growth in the following years. Riverwood landscape recommends mandatory cutting of the grasses every year, depending upon the type of the grasses. Read a full list here to know how veteran landscaping architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander had used ornamental grasses abundantly in her landscaping ventures that catapulted her as the popular figure in the landscaping industry.

For those who are curious to know how to manage ornamental grass for their landscapes, here are some of the best tips you ought to know.

Know when you should cut your ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are typically categorized into three:-  warm-season, cool-season, and evergreen grasses. Each of these grasses has a mandatory trimming rule that keeps them strong throughout the year.  Following are a few basic tips that must be followed to ensure that grass remains neat and they do not untidy the garden during the fall.

  • Warm-season grasses should be trimmed before mid-spring or in fall. Cutting these grasses during the fall ensures that your garden retains a tidier look during the winter. However, you can leave it overgrown if you like how it looks until mid-spring, which is also the best time for trimming warm-season grass.

  • Cool-season grass should be cut either in early spring or in late winter. It is also advised to leave the foliage behind till the snowfall gets over.

  • Evergreen grasses do not need cut back as they survive winters perfectly well.

Understand the various methods of cutting back ornamental grasses

Once you are ready to cut back ornamental grasses, it is important to be prepared with essential tools such as a pair of gloves, a power hedge trimmer, or pruning shears, and a roll of bungee cords or tape. Gloves are essential protection for your hands to save you from sharp grass blades during the trimming process. To speed up, & make the process more convenient, hold the grass stalks together, and tie them with the wide tape or the bungee cord you have with you. Tie the grasses in two or three spots if the grasses are too tall and difficult to manage.

Once set, use a power hedge trimmer or pruning shear to cut the grass. A power hedge trimmer is highly recommended for tall grass. Warm grasses must be cut to a height of a few inches from the ground and the cool grasses to one-third of their height.

Dividing the ornamental grasses

Dividing techniques enable you to have more foliage in the lawns without requiring you to purchase new glasses. The process is typically done when the grass is active and then when there is a need to rejuvenate the clump that has entirely dried out in the center. While warm-season grasses are typically divided from mid-summer to spring, cool-season grasses and evergreen grasses are divides in the spring season. Chuck out a clump of active grass from the ground using a sharp trowel and replant it quickly before the roots get dried out. Remember to don the necessary protective gear before starting the process.

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